Monday, October 10, 2011

wet or dry?

The weather was unpredictable last week. I never knew if it was going to be dry or wet.

Monday (DRY) - I ran easy for 30 minutes.

Tuesday (WET) - It was dry when I left work. I decided to take a nap. As I got everything ready to ride the bike, it started to sprinkle. I took a chance and jumped on the bike. It rained for most of the ride. I rode 37 miles. I felt good for the first 2 intervals. My glute started being weird on #3. It was weirder on #4, so I decided to just finish the ride. I ended up riding at near 70.3 pace. It actually felt like Ironman effort.

Wednesday (WET) - Same as Tuesday. I debated on running after work, but was very tired. Nap won and so did the rain. Actually, it was horizontal downpour. I ran for 45 minutes. I swam 3.7k in the morning. I felt fine aerobically, muscularly I didn't have it. I tried to swim 10x100 on 1:25. I made 3 and swam the rest touch and go averaging 1:27.

Thursday (DRY) - I swam 2k easy in the morning. After work and a nap, I rode 38 miles. I started with several hard 30 second efforts followed by 1 minute recovery. Then cruised for 18 minutes. Last interval of 15 minutes at Olympic effort. I averaged 24.23mph on the range roads.

Friday (DRY) - I felt great in the pool. Lots of speed work followed by 400s pull. 3.8k. Later that day, I went to the track for 3x1mile repeats with 400 easy jog. This was my first workout on the track in 6 weeks because of my injury. I started ultra conservative and tried to make each one faster. I managed to descend the set and have no pain. Finally!

Saturday (DRY) - It was a little cloudy at the start of the ride. The sun made lots of visits throughout the ride. The workout was intervals consisting of Olympic, 70.3, 140.6 and easy riding. I felt strong on the first two rounds. Maybe too good. I missed my goals on round 3. I refueled and cruised for 30 minutes. I made an attempt at the last round. Nothing doing. I started at the bottom of the hill and struggled to get up. My watch confirmed what my legs were telling me. YOUR DONE! I finished up the rest of the ride cruising. My quads cramped with 30 minutes left in the ride. I stopped for a second and gulped down most of my water bottle. I made it home with no more cramps. I probably should start carrying salt tabs during the longer rides. I rode for 4 hours averaging 21mph. I switched out my gear and headed out for a quick brick. My legs felt a little heavy, but loosened up after a few minutes.

Sunday (WET/DRY/WET) - The morning started with rain/mist/dry/mist/rain. I ran a little under 7 miles at7:21 pace. I felt pretty good. I felt a minor twinge above hip when walking around. After second breakfast and a nap, I went to the pool for 4.4k. I was a little tired. I did not swim as fast as last weekend. I was surprised it was only 1-2 seconds per 100 slower. I actually considered stopping after 2. I ate a bagel with pumpkin cream cheese. It tasted just like pumpkin pie. Ninety minutes later I was out for wet/dry run. Since the first run was flat, I made sure the second was hilly. I was only 2 seconds per mile slower than the morning. It was a long day.

Monday (WET) - I went to the pool for my longest swim of the year, 4.6k. Just shy of 3 miles. I pulled 2000-28:50 then swam 3x400s on 6:00. I was tired at the start and even more fatigued by the end of the workout. I grabbed a steak, egg, bagel sandwich afterward. I went out for an easy 40 minute run on the trails. My body is tired. I am glad I have the day off.

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