Monday, October 24, 2011

Trainer love

It was very windy with horizontal rain Saturday. I decided to do my workout on the trainer. Elizabeth decided to join me for the duration. We lasted 4:45. I felt great in the first 3 hours. I slowly started to fade at 3:20. I thought it was a nutrition issue so I ate a bag of PowerBar Gel Blasts and drank a glass of Nuun. I got back on the bike. It took almost 40 minutes to get my power numbers back up. I felt better for the last 45 minutes. I took the dogs with me for a short 20 minute run. I felt great for the first mile and then horrible for the rest. I forgot my water bottle. I was worthless the rest of the day.

Sunday morning I ran for 1 hour. I felt great. I averaged 7:18s, miles 2-8 were within 2-3 seconds of each other. It was very easy. After a nap, I headed out on dry roads for a quick ride. I almost turned around in the first few pedal strokes. I felt a weird pop under my left knee. It went away after a few seconds. It was nice and easy on the way out and ironman effort on the way back. I felt awesome, averaged 22.5mph.

I did not feel great this morning. My legs felt heavy in the pool. I didn't use a pull buoy for the 2000m straight. My time (29:25) was almost a minute slower than last week. I somehow managed to negative split the swim. I finished up with 4600 meters. After a nap I headed out for a short easy run. I felt good. I think the dogs were tired from running yesterday. They were dragging.

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