Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pain free bike ride

The weather was crazy yesterday, so I jumped on the trainer for some Olympic effort intervals. The first interval of 5minutes was very hard. I adjusted the next 5 rounds to 4minute intervals and finished with 4 rounds of 2minutes. This was the first pain bike ride in several weeks. FINALLY!!!

This morning I was up early for a 1 hour run. I did not feel great for the first few miles. I finally started feeling good around mile 6. I finished with 7.91 miles. I jumped in the pool at lunch for 3700m. I felt good in the pool. The main set was 15x100 on 1:30. I averaged 1:22s. I felt like I could have swam all day. After work and a nap, I went out for a 45minute hilly run. I ended up descending my miles even with a hill at mile 4. I finished with 6.33 miles at 7:06 per/mile.

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