Monday, October 17, 2011

Who put a rock there?

I did not expect much in the pool this morning after the long weekend of training. I had one of my best Monday swims of the season. The main set had 2 sets. The first set was 2000 straight. I swam 28:39 averaging 1:25.9. I even negative split. The second set was a few fast 400s. My upper body was a little tight. For the first 2, I could not go any faster than my last 400 of the straight swim. I found another gear on the last one and negative split that as well. I finished up a couple hundred meters under 3 miles.

After a nice nap, I took the dogs for a very easy 35 minute run. I was feeling good. All of sudden, I hit the ground hard. I clipped a rock with my right foot and landed hard on my right side. I ended up with a few cuts on my knee, elbow, and palm. After a minute of trying to figure out who put a rock there, I got up and finished the run. My palm is very sore. It is difficult to hold anything in my right hand. I have been icing on and off. I am hoping this is minor and gone by tomorrow.

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