Sunday, February 13, 2011

5k at Green Lake

I decided to sign up for a 5k at Green Lake. It was time to see how my body was responding to training.

I pulled into Green Lake around 8:30AM. I wasn't sure what the weather was gonna do, so I packed everything from tights to shorts/t-shirt. Surprisingly it was partly sunny with clouds and 50 degrees. I warmed-up with the dogs. Mental note: Never, ever, NEVER, EVER forget the choke collar for Kona. She is a solid 50lb muscle dog. Kona was pulling me all over the place.

I lined up at the start line just in front of the sub 6 minute sign. There was hardly anyone in front of me. That was until about 2 minutes before the start because all of the cheetahs were finishing up their warm-up. I wanted to start out controlled and really push the pace near the end.

Bang! The race was in motion. I felt good. It is so hard to watch so many people taking off in front of you. I told myself to be patient. After a half mile, I started to pass people. MILE 1-5:56.

My left quad tightened up after the first mile and never released. Nothing like having your left leg burning for 2.1 miles. I was still into a good rhythm and passing people at a steady pace. Mile 2-5:56.

A little after the 2 mile mark, a mole decided to push some pavement up and create a small mound. I am not sure what happened, but I tripped and stumbled. I almost landed on my face. I kept myself upright. I could not regain the rhythm. I watched the 2-3 people in front of me slowly start to pull away. Mile 3-6:01.

I finished with 18:32. I was definitely happy with my pacing. I wanted to be a little faster. It's only February.

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