Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feb 21-27

The focus of the week is recovery.

Monday - I swam an easy 2000 yards in just over 30 minutes. The best part was when an old lady decided to jump in the lane. I was already splitting the lane with another swimmer. I'm glad she didn't run into me.

Tuesday - I had an easy short run in the morning and easy bike session in the afternoon.

Wednesday - 2.1k easy swim.

Thursday - Easy bike and run

Friday - 2.8k easy swim. I also picked up a new sponsor, HONEY STINGER. The organic waffles are amazing. The first time I bought a box, I ate 3 in one sitting. They taste like cookies. You can use them before and during a workout for some extra energy.

Saturday - Easy bike

Sunday - 2k easy swim and easy run.

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