Friday, February 18, 2011

No snow in Dupont

It was a long day at work Wednesday, 13+ hours. At one point I looked outside and saw a mix of rain and snow. I thought we might get some snow last night. Nada.

After work yesterday, I quickly grabbed the dogs for a short run. I felt even better than Tuesday. It was partly cloudy in the low 40s. It sprinkled a couple of times. I finished up with 4.4+ miles.

I jumped on the bike 3 hours later for another hard effort. I started strong and felt good until about the half way mark. Maybe I was a little ambitious. Sometimes you have to lay it on the line to see what really happens. I actually kept it together better than I thought. It felt so hard on the second half.

This morning I rode for an easy 30 minutes then headed to work. I squeezed in 2.1k of easy swimming. The week is almost over. It has been a tough week.

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