Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 2 broken toe

The toe is doing well. The hard part is keeping the dogs aways so they don't trample it. I must say having a powermeter makes it easier to justify riding on the trainer. You know exactly how hard you are working out. If Andy Potts can do most of his workouts on a trainer and be successful. It can be good for me too?

After work, I decided to take a nice one hour nap. I jumped on the trainer for 95 minutes. The workout had lots of short intervals. I like how quickly my body is adapting to the workload over the last week and a half.

Put on my new Newton Racer's and grabbed Kona for an easy 30 minute run. I wanted to take Fina, but she was kind of limping and her left back food was a little swollen. The weather was sunny and nice. Kona was happy to get outside. I did several drills during the run. Almost managed 4 miles even with the drills. The Newton's felt great.

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