Friday, May 28, 2010

Last weekend of May

Wednesday morning I swam 4.3k. I swam better than expected after the workouts from Tuesday. The main set was 2x (6x125 odds moderate/evens build 10-15 rest + 100p on 1:45 + 150 fast on 2:15 + 100p on 1:45 + 150 faster on 2:15 + 100p on 1:45). I didn't run in the afternoon because my shin has been bothering me since all of the jumping at PT.

Thursday, I had a tough ride on the trainer. It was a set designed for you to go to failure. I guessed I could complete 6-12 repeats. The first few felt great. My legs started to get tighter because of the lactic acid was building. I was going to stop at 8, but decided to try one more. Number 9 was it. No more left in the gas tank.

Yesterday, I swam 4k. The main set was 3x (4x100 k/s + 8x50 very fast on 45/55/65). The goal of the 50s was to start fast and hold your pace. Each set the average speed is supposed to get faster because you are getting more rest. I swam much better that expected. On the first set I averaged 33.5s. Second set average 30.7. I picked it up and stayed strong for 6. The last 2, I started to tighten up. On the final set I averaged 30.0. I swam faster for the first 4. I slowed a little for the next 2 then slowed a little more on the last two. All in all it was a strong set.

I decided to do my workout on the trainer today. The weather looked crappy and I was dog sitting. I figured the dogs would be a little happier if they weren't locked up for most of the day. It was a tough workout, 4 hours of solid work.

Two funny things happened today. The first was when I let the dogs out for a bathroom break. The dogs were all doing their thing. All of a sudden Kona darts to the road and catches a bird. I was trying to catch her, so she wouldn't kill the bird. I finally managed to get her back in the house. During my last 45 minutes at tempo effort, I look over and see Kona sitting on Cole. Nothing like trying to focus on power and breathing when you are laughing. She did it twice. Cole just looked at her like she was crazy. Good times.

Here are the girls after another hard days work:

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