Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day one with broken toe

It was a tough swim this morning. I think all the running & cycling I did yesterday finally caught up with me or the broken toe. Maybe both. The main set had lots of 300s. I was able to descend overall speed. I did not swim on the sendoff I planned. I finished with 4k.

The weather was changing, so I skipped the nap and went out for a run. I didnt take Fina because she was limping. I took Kona for 20 minutes. I put her in the house and let the dogs roam. The workout flew by. It was shorter/faster running today. I felt good. My toe didn't bother me at all. I ran by the house as I warmed down and heard Kona barking. I hit the door hard with my hand. Kona stopped barking. I finished up my cool down. I walked inside and it was quiet. I was shocked at the top of the stairs. Both dogs were on the couch looking at me. Do I trust them next time?

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