Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cold Winds

It's one thing to deal with winds. It's another thing to add cold to the mix. Brrr.

Yesterday, I felt better than expected in the pool. I was surprised that I could descend the 200s in the 1000. I ended up with 4.3K. The rest of the day was nice and relaxing.

This morning another easy 3.5k in the pool. The rest of the day was spent completing computer course requirements. The dark clouds were rolling in quickly. I grabbed the dogs and went out for a 50 minute run. We got a little wet at the beginning of the run. We lucked out on the rest of the run. I could have run at anytime. Oh well. I didn't want to give the dogs bath, small price to pay. At one point, during the run both dogs were right behind me on the trails. I am not sure if it was Kona or Fina or both. Somehow I managed to go down as they passed me. I definitely broke my second toe. It was swollen, black and blue. :-( I finished the run with minimal pain.

My toe bothered me a little on the trainer. I rode for 1 hour and 40 minutes. I did some interval work. 3.5 hours for the day, another deposit into the bank.

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