Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day IV broken toe

What a beautiful morning! Sunny without a cloud in sight.

Crowieto and I met up at 8am to ride to Johnson Creek and back. I warmed up, then completed 5 intervals of 30' @z2 + 15' @z1. I guess Crowieto flatted at the stop sign. I didn't hear him yell for me because I was in the zone. I called and sent a text at the bridge. Nothin. I back tracked to find him. I crested the hill and saw him. We stopped at the Texaco. I thought we could catch the group starting at 9am. We both took our shares of pulling. There was a strong head wind for the last 10 miles. We managed the Johnson Creek loop in 1h 10 min. Not too bad for 27 miles. Sure enough we sat down and the group showed up. They started 30 minutes late. We cruised back to Forza. Crowieto took off on the last climb out of Nisqually. I still had a one hour run off the bike, so I let him fade into the distance.

I switched gear, grabbed the dogs, and started running within 5 minutes. I did not feel good at the start, during the middle, or at the end. I was glad to be done. 5 hours of training into the bank. It was a gorgeous day and no toe pain. :-)

I think Kona's kryptonite is heat. She was dragging the last 5 minutes.

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