Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day III - sunny and 70 gotta love it.

My morning started early. I decided to run before and after the ride. I didn't want to run for an hour off the bike, so I split it up.

I grabbed the dogs at 7:20. We ran out to the Fed Ex building and back for an ez 4miles. I switched shirts and headed out on the bike. I started with a 15 minute cruise toward Gravelly Lake. After the warm up, I had two 20 minute efforts at half ironman pace. I rode back by Forza to finish up the second effort. After riding by the second gate, I had 10x2 minute hard efforts with equal recovery. I missed one at my goal power zone because it was mostly downhill with a tailwind. After the hill passed the river, I cruised for 45 minutes. Stopped at Texaco to refuel and finish up the cruise. One more 45 minute effort at Half Ironman to Olympic pace. I timed the workout just right. I finished up just short of 78 miles.

I grabbed the dogs for round 2 of the run. This time the dogs were a little tired from the other run. Fina and Kona were both dragging. I finished up with another 4 miles.

I was tired after the workout. I ate, cleaned the bike, and met up with Christopher for a swim workout.

Tired Vizslas after lots of running :-)

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