Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just finished the longest run off the bike...

My left knee was being a little weird, so I took Saturday off. It felt 100% this morning. I decided to move my workout from yesterday to today. I shrunk it down a little to be on the safe side.

I rode 3 hours on the trainer. It was a very tough workout. After warm-up, I have several hard 1 minute efforts with 1 minute cruise between. The rest of the workout was pacing for the half with efforts a little faster than race pace. I finished up with 45 minutes at race pace. I spun easy for 14 minutes then headed out for my brick. I knew the bike ride zapped me. Instead of doing interval work, I just ran at moderate effort. I almost got in 14 miles.

My legs are a little tired.

Week 4 totals: 15.5K swimming, 136miles cycling, 34.7miles running

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