Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 2 - Sunny and 70, gotta love it

I swam at the Lakewood Y, so I could help Lisa with her stroke. She is having shoulder issues. I noticed a few things to fix. The first was the cross over. I gave her a few tips and drills to make the corrections.

I had a strong swim. Marky V gave me this set last year. The main set was 50x50 odds cruise on 50 and evens fast on 35. It is a tough set, not for the feint of heart. The biggest change from last year was needing less rest to recover. Last year, I swam the ez 50s on 55. I can't wait to test out the stroke in open water.

Thanks to XTERRA WETSUITS for sending me a couple of shirts.

I ran at Fort Lewis this morning. I took the dogs for half of the run. I finished up the rest solo and added a few drills. A little over 9 miles at 7:21 pace. Not bad for a moderate effort run.

I have PT in a couple of hours. After that, who knows.

Gotta love this weather!!!

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